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At Daddys Phones, we take iPad repairs very seriously. This isn’t a hobby for us. It’s what we do. We work on all models and have fixed nearly every type of problem. From cracked screens and broken dock connectors to malfunctioning home buttons and more. We get repairs made quickly so your iPad is back in your hands. And, with a 90 days warranty on parts and service, you’ll have peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, you’re covered.

Reliable iPad Screen Repair

Daddys Phones has been repairing iPads since they were first launched in 2010. Our trained, experienced professionals have the expertise to diagnose and repair a wide range of iPad issues, including cracked or shattered screens. A broken or damaged screen is one of the most common iPad issues. Luckily, the experts at Daddys Phones offer iPad screen repair services that are high quality, affordable, and timely. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may even be able to repair your device while you wait.

Experience and Expertise with Water-Damaged Devices

Whether you spilled your morning cup of coffee all over your iPad or inadvertently dropped it in the sink while the water was running, water damage isn’t necessarily a death sentence for your device. The experienced, certified professionals at Daddys Phones have extensive experience repairing water-damaged iPads.

Repair Your Device Without Breaking the Bank

Never sacrifice quality or expertise for cost. All of our repair services are as affordable as they are reliable, meaning that you will get the high-quality, dependable repairs you need without breaking the bank. And to ensure a reliable, dependable repair, Daddys Phones offers a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs and all parts used in the repair process. If something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.